Undeniable Roller Coaster

The kiddo found a plastic Easter egg in among his toys today. He picked it up an announced, “Oh!! We are going to have fun at school!”  And I knew he meant he wanted to bring it to school and show his friends. But they really aren’t allowed to bring toys, and I am very strict about it myself because I know that the silliest little thing can cause trouble.  So I had to tell him he could bring it in the car but not into school.  He was totally fine with that and didn’t cry at all. ButI felt so sad that I couldn’t let him do whatever he was imagining was going to be fun with that egg, it made me cry.

You could never have warned me about all the things that would make me elated and make me sad and make me scared about being a mom. I suppose that’s good, because I don’t know if anyone would sign up for this roller-coaster if they were properly warned, and it is undeniably the best thing I have ever done.

Cookie Addition

A ran an errand and when I came back Kiddo said: Mommy, I had a great day!

(I was gone for a 1/2 hour)

Me: You did?!! That’s great! What did you do?

C: I had a vanilla cookie, a vanilla cookie and a vanilla cookie and another vanilla cookie!

Daddy: He had 2.

C: Mommy??

Me: Yes?

C: I want a vanilla cookie.