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The Hedgehog goes to School

I feel panicky and twitchy at the thought of being in school and having HOMEWORK. This Hedgehog is braver than I!

The Hedgeblog


Today I began an online fiction writing course run by the Open University.

It’s only an eight week course, and it was free. Yes, FREE! So of course, I signed up for it!

Even though I have already started writing two different novels, I don’t have any journalistic training at all. And I think it shows. So I jumped at the chance to do this. Only one three-hour session a week. Do-able. And… did I say free?

So… as I haven’t made a blog entry for a while, (life/boredom/lack of inspiration) I thought I would try to blog at the end of each week’s session; it might be interesting to chart my ‘progress,’ she says, optimistically! 🙂

Well, here goes…


OU Fiction Writing Course – Week One.

Log on. Watch intro… blah blah blah di blah!

Introduce yourself… Here I am folks! Feel free to dismiss me as a…

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