I’m No Doctor, But Your Throat is Probably Fine


People are really super concerned about their throats lately. Specifically, they are worried about things being shoved down them. Rarely a day passes when I don’t hear about someone’s worry over their throat. It is generally worded like this:

“I get it, you’re trans; you don’t have to shove it down my throat.”
“I’m for equal rights, but don’t shove your feminist agenda down my throat.”

These statements suggest that it is perfectly okay to be whatever and whoever you are, as long as you keep it really quiet and feel ashamed about it. And don’t rock the boat.

A gay couple touching in public might be described as “shoving it down my throat.” In actuality, a gay couple holding hands is only likely to do your throat any harm if they are really tall, and they are running right at you, with their arms stretched at throat level. And they clothesline you. In the throat.

Possibly, people are being less literal than I assume.More figuratively, then, I would not define, “shoved down your throat” as being required to acknowledge that there are people who are different from you because you see an example of one. I’d describe “shoved down your throat,” as having laws made about what you can do with your body or where you can go to the bathroom, or which consenting adults are allowed to marry.

Being exposed to the issues or even the existence of a group of people who are different from you is unlikely to do any harm to your throat. In fact, it might even help it! Tolerance strengthens vocal cords and open-mindedness contains antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and riboflavin*.

*These claims have not been tested by the FDA.

So don’t worry, your throat is probably fine. If it actually hurts, though, you may want to get it checked for strep. You don’t want to mess with that shit.

Spirit Shredder





This is me, constantly these days.
I don’t know why I’ve gotten worse. Or obsessed. I don’t know why I’m clicking more, and clicking right where I know it will upset me most. I don’t know why I read and respond to shitty comments from shitty people. Even reading their words gives them more power than they deserve. There is no winning an argument with someone whose only purpose is to be nasty. There’s no convincing them to be nice. Being nasty makes them feel good. There’s no compelling reason for them to stop.

I don’t know how to tell the difference between news I need to know and news that is just shredding my spirit.

I care. I want to know. Knowing has helped before. Hasn’t it?

Maybe. Probably not.

My husband asks me, “Did you hear about ___?” “Did you know ____?”

Yes. Yep. Yeah. I did. I hear about everything the minute it happens, whether I need to or not, whether it makes a difference or not. Thing is, it does make a difference. It upsets me, and keeps me from delighting in life.

I used to click to connect and be entertained and to know what was going on with my loved ones, and to see pictures/videos of cats. That is so little of what I read now. Even the cats are down 90%. Now if I see animals, they are homeless or abused. More outrage. It helps, right?

I don’t know how to be objective about this anymore. I am not cherishing life. I’m cherishing outrage, and there is so much of it to be had. I’m getting sick and fat on it.

So, I’m putting myself on an outrage diet. I know from previous attempts at this, it won’t be easy to quit cold turkey. There will be starts and stops, but I have to take the first step, and be firm with myself when I stall.

The news I need to know is: 1) Is there real danger in my area? 2) When is Frank Turner coming to town?

I can count on my beloved friends to tell me either of those things.

Now, I need a little outrage antidote. Maybe you do, too.

If so, please enjoy:

This AMAZING story about wolves changing the river

Patrick Stewart dressed as a lobster sitting in a bathtub


A porcupine eating a pumpkin

Do yourself a favor here, and watch with the sound on, because there has never been anyone happier eating anything than Teddy Bear is eating this pumpkin.

Porcupine Eating a Pumkin

Jack White showed up to his neighborhood potluck, and NOBODY recognized him! 


Frank Turner singing Reasons Not to Be an Idiot

(or honestly, anything else)


I will add to this. There is a lot of outrage to undo.

Sharing for an Author Friend: K.M. Hodge

It’s time to come clean, ya’ll. So I’ll just come right out and say it: I’ve got a new series coming out (Book Cellar Mystery Series)!! The first book in the series, “Walker Texas Wife” can be found on Goodreads. Make sure you add it to your to be read shelf and mark your calendar for February 1, 2016. 

As you might have noticed I am not alone in this endeavor (I got hitched y’all!) I am so excited to announce that I  have partnered up with my dear friend and sweet romance writer, Melissa Storm. Yeehaw! Melissa writes real fiction for real women. Her stories are bitter sweet, hope in the darkest hour tales, with true-to-life characters that stick with you long after you put her books down. I love all of her work  (one of her original super readers) and am so thrilled to be working with her. 

Now some of you may wonder what this dark, thrilling suspense writer is doing with a sweet romance writer like Melissa Storm. Thought we may seem like an odd pairing, we both feel perfectly matched for each other. We will bring together the best of both of our worlds to create a perfect storm for our readers. The team of Storm and Hodge will bring you thrilling tales of suspense with a aching sweetness that will have you glued to your kindle. Read us, if you dare! 

ABOUT BOOK #1 “Walker Texas Wife”

(Cover by Mallory Rock )
lives are perfect… if only from the outside.
At first glance, the residents of Herald Springs
lead charmed lives. But behind the dazzling smiles and inside the large brick
homes, they all have their secrets. Most are harmless, but then again Annabeth
King never did quite fit in.
This newest neighbor is harboring a special secret
of her own, one that could prove deadly. Will the members of the “drink and
gossip” club figure out what Annabeth’s working so hard to hide before disaster
comes knocking?

With Storm’s signature bitter-sweetness and Hodge’s
thrilling intensity, Walker Texas Wife offers a fast-paced, addictive
romp that fans of Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars will
find themselves falling hard and fast for. This debut in the new Book Cellar
Mystery series will leave you wondering: just how well do we know our neighbors
after all? Coming February 1, 2016.


K.M. Hodge grew up in Detroit, where she spent most of her
free time weaving wild tales to spook her friends and family. These days, she
lives in Texas with her husband and two energetic boys and once again enjoys
writing tales of suspense and intrigue that keep her readers up all night. Her
stories, which focus on women’s issues, friendship, addiction, regrets and
second chances, will stay with you long after you finish them. When she isn’t
writing or being an agent of social change, she reads Independent graphic
novels, watches old X-files episodes, streams Detroit Tigers games and binges
on Netflix with her husband. She enjoys hearing from her readers, so don’t be
shy about dropping her a line.
Learn more about her and her current projects on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  You can sign up for new release emails
The Land of Hodge. 


Melissa Storm is
a mother first, and everything else second. She used to write under a
pseudonym, but finally had the confidence to come out as herself to the world.
Her fiction is highly personal and often based on true stories. Writing is
Melissa’s way of showing her daughter just how beautiful life can be, when
you pay attention to the everyday wonders that surround us.
loves books so much, she married fellow author Falcon Storm. Between the two of
them, there are always plenty of imaginative, awe-inspiring stories to share.
Melissa and Falcon also run the business Novel Publicity together, where she
works as publisher, marketer, editor, and all-around business mogul. When she’s
not reading, writing, or child-rearing, Melissa spends time relaxing at home in
the company of her three dogs and five parrots. She never misses an episode of The Bachelor or her nightly lavender-infused soak in the
tub. Ahh, the simple luxuries that make life worth living. Learn more
about Melissa’s business at www.NovelPublicity.com. Learn more about
her other author alias at www.EmlynChand.com. Learn more about her
life on FacebookPinterest,Twitter, or Google+.