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Hey. It’s OK.

It’s OK.

I just wanted to tell you. In case you were spending this evening thinking about all the stuff you need to do and all the stuff you should have done and wondering if you’re doing enough. Maybe you’re thinking about your to-do list or feeling guilty about a card, note or letter you should have sent. Maybe you’re wondering why you haven’t painted the living room yet, even though you’ve had the paint for three years and it would probably only take a couple of days, and you’re thinking about the dish washer that needs unloading and the laundry that needs washing.

It’s OK. Everything’s OK. I’d tell you it’s great, but we’re reasonable people. OK is plenty.


3 thoughts on “Hey. It’s OK.

  1. I should have seen this yesterday. But today works too. Have over-committed and over-committed so long that I think that plain old busy is the equivalent of having loads of free time. And, in case you’re feeling somewhat similar, it’s OK. You’re OK. It will all get done, just not right now.


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